Special projects

Custom tights and gloves for About you AW22

Custom PomPom tights for Jo Malone AW22

Knitted tights for Paul and Joe AW22

Knitted tights for Paul and Joe AW22

Details at Paul and Joe AW22

The vintage buttons tights

Custom tights for DAZED

Special project for DAZED
Special project for DAZED

The Twins capes


The Ocean waste tights

 I was in my hometown of Biarritz, the summer after our first lockdown. No one was able to travel, so it was awfully packed and the amount of waste on the beach was mad. I ended up interpreting that by creating a pair of ‘Ocean Waste’ tights and gloves using rubbish that had either been discarded or had washed up on the beach. We’d collected an entire bin bag of plastic waste, which I then cleaned, then sewed onto the garments. I even made a choker and a bracelet out of a Heineken can. Having a strong ecological conscience is central to my brand, so being able to reverse some of the depressing effects of plastic pollution, especially in my hometown, meant a lot to me